Veera Bianca

Oh hey there my adventure friend! Nice to virtually meet you!

I’m Veera Bianca12575721_1127867037232118_1461827989_n, the blogger behind this lifestyle/travel blog Veera Bianca (how clever, I know). I’ve been travel blogging since 2006 and have since then made a profession out of doing what I love the most – which is inspiring people to roam the globe like crazy.

My endless urge to wander started when I first left to Australia for student exchange back in 2006 to live on the countryside of the land down under. Ever since then I haven’t been able to stop spending all of my money on plane tickets – and fabulous hats.

In 2011 I started studying Tourism Management in Haaga-Helia Porvoo Campus and spent 6 months of that studying aviation / transportation in Hong Kong.  Now I have my own business and do all things PR and social media on the side of this little space in the internet for travel brands, such as CreateTrips.

This blog is the right place for those who like to wander in a fabulous way and find valuable luxury (aka; yes I’m poor) wherever they go. I am obsessed with funky modern hotels, hipster cafe and healthy food. And that’s what the blog is mostly about too.

I’m also obsessed with Instagram.