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The beauty of Aviation

” Passenger *** on a flight AY069 to Hong Kong, please proceed to the gate. Your plane is ready for departure.”

I didn’t know back then, that those words would change my life for good. I had flown before, but not a lot and this time I was all alone. While I was looking through the windows of the departure hall and watching the planes take-off in sunset, it was the most beautiful moment I’ve ever lived. I felt something strange, something strong that I’ve always felt when watching a plane take-off. It wasn’t the usual urge to travel and see the world, but still until today I get this feeling every day and I haven’t learned to explain it.

Looking outside from the window of this airplane and seeing only clouds meant freedom to me. I was finally moving to Australia, this was the best day of my life.  Since then I have spent the best days of my life in an airplane or at an airport. There is nothing more beautiful than reuniting with the ones you love and running through the baggage hall to finally be back in their arms. Still every day when I am at work and see people with roses and “welcome home” signs, I cannot help but cry a little tear.

Airports are not all about happiness and excitement; I have also spent the worst days of my life at airports. There is nothing I fear more than goodbyes. There is nothing that hurts me as much as goodbyes. These experiences make me call airports my home. I think home is the place where you return to after a long journey and it’s the place where you have lived your good and bad times. I don’t have such a house to call home, the only place I always return to is Helsinki airport.

“Cabin crew, prepare for approach.”

I walk through the cabin to make sure all the passengers are seated and make my way to buckle myself up as we are almost touching the ground once again. After thanking all the passengers for flying with us and wishing them happy holidays, I smile and think that it is the best job in the world to be there taking them home for Christmas. I love knowing what I want to do for the rest of my life and I love that I’m already so much closer to my dream.

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