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Helsinki Top 5: Dinner in Yume

*Collaboration with: Kämp Group

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Me and my travel blogging friend Mirka are on a little mission to find the best eateries in Helsinki this spring and summer. We started our research for the best dinner places in Helsinki from Yume. Yume is an insanely delicious Asian fusion kitchen serving the best flavours Helsinki has to offer. I haven’t had food this yummy ever since dating a certain wealthy foodie in Hong Kong two years back.

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The seven-course menu was hecka dank to start with,  already from the above fabulous makis and Korean chili sashimi. Mah god. I’m no professional foodie, but a fan of good food and quality wine. Oh wine. Let’s talk more about wine. The wine menu was perfectly paired with all the courses and I still dream of swimming in that 2013 Argentinian Malbec.

yume marble beef

As I told earlier on my blog, I no longer call myself a vegan or a vegetarian due to several healthy reasons. I still eat a mainly plant-based diet but don’t mind eating a good steak once in a while. And here in Yume, the marble beef that we got to cook on the hot stone was to die for.

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