Sunrise in Florida: How did I get so lucky?

I feel the first rays of the morning sun hugging my blanket inviting itself to my hotel room. It’s only six in the morning, but the thought of the Gulf of Mexico just behind my door makes me feel more than ready for the day ahead.

I pack my cameras and tripod and take a morning walk on the beach. There’s nobody else yet – just me, the pelicans and the most fairytale-like sunrise I have ever seen. The sand at Clearwater Beach here in Florida is so white it looks almost like snow.




How did I get so lucky?

I left Finland in such a hurry the other day to get on my flight from Helsinki to Tampa Bay via Reykjavik with Icelandair that by morning I didn’t even remember I had made my way to the USA again. How has a life like this become a norm for me in the past years? Before, there was no way I could have even dreamed of a life like this. Of a life where catching a long haul flight is almost as normal as catching a local bus in town.

But it doesn’t mean travel has become boring. Never. I would not change a thing in my life right now. This perfect morning in Florida made me stop and think. I sat down on the white sand and did my gratitude meditation. I thought of how lucky I am to be able to see the world for a living.



We all deserve to feel the power of realising a dream. Let’s not settle for ordinary, unless it’s exactly that which makes us happy. Let’s not give up. And let’s never stop dreaming.

Take a moment today to think about what is it that you dream of. Write it down. And write down 5 steps that you need to take to realise it. Start now. You got this.


“Be fearless in the pursuit of whatever sets your soul on fire.”

After this trip, I’m eager to experience what else the US has to offer. If Clearwater Beach is any indication, the country should be beautiful. CasaGo offers a comprehensive list of things to do in various parts of the US, as well as gorgeous homes and apartments for rent if you choose to visit, and a lot of them look right up my alley! Yay for adventures!


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    Jenn - forever abroad
    November 20, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    Iih, love these photos (you were lucky to get to experience one sunrise like this too!!) – and words. Beautiful, as always <3

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