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Why I fell in love with Rüdesheim

1. The amazing nature

I’ve been to Germany many times in my life, considering I really don’t have a strong interest towards the country in General. But this time, I got to experience how beautiful the Rhine River really is. Rüdesheim is divine with its countless vineries and small houses. And also, it’s a good workout as the town is simply a steep hill.


2. Wine

Life in Rüdesheim evolves around wine, but not in the way it does on a Friday night in Helsinki. Almost each hotel or a restaurant owns a winery. Each and every Riesling and Pinot Noir served at local restaurants in Rüdesheim are always from their own backyard. Wine production runs in each and every family here.


3. People

Life in Rüdesheim seems laid back. People don’t seem to stress about the things us city people do. Everone is smiling and wishing us Guten Morgen. Almost everyone here knows each other – and everyone here loves wine!


4. Local food

Eating is always a bit of a challenge for me as I worry too much about health and ethics. Rüdesheims Hotel Lindenwirt offered us some German homecooked meals. The restaurant had a separate game menu from meat they’ve produced and hunt themselves. As many of you know – I don’t really eat meat but over here I had to give it another chance.


5. German fairytale

We got to Rüdesheim on a Friday night, but already at the train station I realised that we had arrived to a magical place. Almost like Disnelyland. In the morning I realised I was right.


 6. Tradition

It feels like time has stopped in Rüdesheim long time ago. Over here it feels like it’s more likely to run into a horse carriage than a car.


7. Far away from hurries and worries

I live a very busy life with a lot of business to handle 24/7. There’s nothing like letting all of that go for a little while to admire this view – even in the rain.


8. Romantic evenings

I don’t need a honeymoon to the Maldives, I want to go to Germany! So in case my future plans go wrong and I meet someone instead of ordering a crazy cat lady starter kit, I’m going to seriously consider a honeymoon among the Rhein River.


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