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Review of Qatar Airways Qsuite

*In paid partnership with Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has been awarded for their World’s Best Business Class multiple times and their new Qsuite has just taken business travel to a new level. I first flew with Qatar Airways in their Business Class as I moved to Chiang Mai to make my digital nomad dreams true back in fall 2016. Since then, I’ve been a loyal customer of the airline.

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Now Qatar Airways has added Qsuite to their selection of business class travel. Qsuite is business class, but just an upgraded version of it. Currently Qsuite is available on the airlines A350-1000 and Boeing 777-300ER aircrafts.

I had my first experience flying Qsuite recently on a trip to Australia. I got to fly onboard A350-1000 Qsuite for nearly 15 hours from Doha to Sydney.

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Qatar Airways Qsuite – your own little cabin in the sky

Qatar Airways recently launched Qsuite and took travelling in business class to a whole new level. As I walked down the airplane aisle I felt like in a scene of Sex & The City second movie. The flight attendant showed me to my seat and as soon as I had sat down she offered a glass of champagne with today’s menus and a hotel towel.

The A350-1000 Qsuite has 38 seats on 10 rows and a little second cabin next to the economy. Qsuite is almost like a little private cabin in the sky as you can close your door for more privacy during the flight.

The seats are 1-2-1 and some of the middle seats can even be turned into a double bed. In case you are travelling in a group of four, the seats can be turned into a dining table or a meeting space for the whole group.

As a solo traveller, I booked myself on the window seat. Some of the window seats have the table on the aisle side and some on the window side. On my way to Sydney I was sitting in the middle row as I was offered an additional upgrade from the airline upon departure as there was one more empty seat in business. And I actually found that the middle row had a little bit more space, but I still prefer window seats.

Another thing to take into account when reserving your seat is that some of the seats are rear-facing.

Read more about Qsuite on Qatar Airways website.

qatar airways qsuite review
qatar airways qsuite
qsuite seat
qsuite window seat

My first perfect 8-hour sleep in the sky

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m the absolute worst at sleeping on an airplane, especially considering how much time I spend in the sky in general. For both my current business and past job I’ve flown so much long-haul but still never learned the art of even napping on an airplane. My two homes Finland and Australia are so far apart, but even by staying up the night before, I’ll stay up the entire 30-hour journey home. I’ve thought I’m a hopeless case.

Well, then I flew Qsuite.

Qsuite seat turns into a fully flat bed and the crew will add a little mattress and sheets for added comfort. I also got a White Company pyjama to put on for a more comfortable night of sleep, which I changed into in the front lavatory as it has a little bit more space than the average airplane toilet.

My amenity kit had warm socks, an eye mask and ear plugs to help me sleep. I also took a little melatonin and a cup of peppermint tea before snoozing off.

Even though the bed isn’t exactly big, it’s still more comfortable and spacious than the business class seats I’ve slept in before.

From the 15 hour flight, I actually slept 8 all in one go. I had asked the flight attendant to wake me up a couple of hours before landing and I was like a grumpy little kid wanting to sleep a bit more and not prepare for landing, haha.

Nothing like a bit of turbulence, closing the door and the comfort of two pillows.

qsuite sänky
qsuite nukkuminen

Service & dining during the flight

The service onboard Qatar Airways Qsuite didn’t really differ from the usual Qatar Airways business class, which is already the best in the world anyway. The only differences I spotted was the flight attendant making my bed before I went to sleep and an additional snack menu (which might also be due to the ultra long flight of 15 hours?). The snack menu included delicious things like Vietnamese summer rolls and some sandwiches.

As you board Qatar Airways Business Class, the flight attendant will introduce themselves and request if you prefer a hot or cold towel and bring you a beverage of your choice. For my choice of beverage upon departure, I usually go with champagne, pepper mint tea or the sweet green juice signature drink of Qatar Airways.

Before departure, the cabin service director will also come and greet each Business Class passenger individually. I think they also check if you have flown with them before as sometimes they’ve greeted me with “Welcome back again Miss Papinoja”.

What comes to food on the flight, Business Class travellers can dine on demand at any time during the flight. The flight attendant will give out a menu and a wine list already on departure so that you can order meals whenever you like and however many times you like. I ordered a meal right as we departed to enjoy it with a good movie, then worked on my computer a little bit and enjoyed a good night of sleep after.

I asked my flight attendant to wake me up a couple of hours before landing for breakfast. For breakfast I highly recommend trying the Arabic option for some cultural food adventures in the sky. Also for main meals, I always choose the Arabic meze as a started – delicious!

The service on board Qatar Airways Business Class is always fantastic and actually with all honesty, probably the best service in general from my experience basically anywhere.

qatar airways business-luokan tarjoilu

How much did I pay for my flight from Helsinki to Sydney onboard Qatar Airways Qsuite?

While this post is a paid partnership with Qatar Airways, I had already booked and paid for my flights in advance to go visit friends and family back Down Under. Australia is my second home and I try to visit every couple of years, but this was the first time I decided to pay for a Business ticket. I was really lucky as flights were on sale for 800 in economy for a round trip between Helsinki and Sydney. I originally booked one way in economy and one way in Business Class for the total price of 1,600 euros. Usually the price would be more, so you may want to keep an eye out on those fares.

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I was lucky enough to have the airline upgrade me to Business Class also on my way from Helsinki to Sydney due to the collaboration. But there are other ways too, not to worry! Qatar Airways will often send out an upgrade offer for your flight close to the online check-in time and you can also request an upgrade at the airport. Over in Doha, you will find a designated ‘upgrade on departure’ desk.

qatar airways business-luokka

Conclusion about my Qsuite experience:

Flying on Qsuite was 100% hands down the most glamorous way I’ve yet travelled. I enjoyed having my privacy with the door turning my seat into my own private cabin. I also slept better than on any other Business Class flight before.

Qsuite is not priced any different than other Business Class flights as it’s the same level of a product and sold as a regular Business Class. While making your booking, the system will tell you if any of your flights are operated with the A350-1000 or Boeing 777-300ER with a Qsuite. Please keep in mind that aircraft changes can still always happen last-minute!

So all in all, flying in Qsuite was definitely worth it. There’s not significantly more space than on other QA Business seats, but definitely a lot more comfort.

Have you tried the Qsuite yet?

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