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I’ve now been living here at Noli Studios in Katajanokka, Helsinki for some months. Originally my plan was to stay here for about 6 months and then head on bigger adventures to Australia, but the universe had other plans. Now I’m still living here with my new puppy on the pet floor and will be doing so for probably another 6 months at least!

Noli Studios offers both hotel rooms and a flexible way of living in Helsinki, Finland with half and fully furnished apartments from small to large. It is home to a many international professionals who are here on business trips, for a few months or even us locals who just wanted to try out a new modern way of co-living.

There are 2 Noli Studios in Helsinki, one here in Katajanokka and the second one in Sörnäinen.

Read more and make a booking here.

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Noli Studios location in Helsinki: Katajanokka vai Sörnäinen?

I chose to move to the Noli Studios in Katajanokka as it’s one of my favorite neighbourhoods here in Helsinki, right next to the city center but still offering that nice peaceful island vibe with beautiful old buildings and nice nature walks. Sure there is the harbour, so it does also get busy a couple of times a day when the ships arrive!

Sörnäinen is a very different, but fun and lively neighbourhood – it’s a hipster trendy and edgy area close to a lot of services, I’d say it’s the Berlin of Helsinki?

Both of the studios are similar and offer the same services!

noli studios katajanokka

Noli Studios offers short and long term stays

Noli Studios offers regular modern hotel rooms and short and long term stays here in Helsinki. The smallest studios are from 20 square meters and the largest over 50 square meters. On the top floor here in Katajanokka, the apartments also have a wonderful terrace with great views over the city! So you can stay for a night, a month or a year! The longer you stay, the more affordable it will be!

Also what I like about Noli Studios is that you don’t need to pay rent deposit or go to apartment showings – Noli Studios can be booked and paid for directly online. Also water, electricity and internet are included!

Living here comes with the benefits of living in a hotel, but with everything in my studio that I would need in a normal apartment from my own kitchen to the washing machine. My studio has a bed, a desk and chairs already here and I’ve added a few of my own things to make it cozy. For shorter stays, the fully furnished options might be better!

I used to think that a small studio would not be enough for me, but the way the rooms are layed out makes all the difference. I feel like my 24 square meter has more space and cabinets than my previous 40 square meter one bedroom apartment.

Pets are also welcome to Noli Studios and it’s home to a lot of cute dogs, but all pet owners have to live on the 3rd floor! If I wouldn’t have gotten a puppy, I would have probably moved to the 7th floor to enjoy my own terrace – lucky there is a public terrace aswell!

See all the studio options and prices here.

Shared spaces at Noli Studios

One of my favorite things about living here at Noli Studios is all the shared facilities. Back in Bali I came across a lot of these co-living and co-working places and always wished we had something similar in Finland. I enjoy having my own space with everything I need, but also with the access to shared spaces to mingle with neighbours. It’s nice being able to work from home and then enjoying a cocktail on the rooftop with a friend from next door!

My other favorite things are the gym and the spa. Access to gym is part of the price and it’s 24/7 and really good quality. There is also a little spa with 2 jacuzzis and a steam sauna, which I honestly should remember to enjoy more…notes to self.

After living in Hong Kong, I always missed having a gym in my apartment as it made using it a lot easier, so now I’ve also kicked up my gym game.

The ground floor also offers good areas for working for as laptop people, with cozy chairs and also some meeting rooms. The ground floor also has a common kitchen, a game and a movie room!

Of course being a hotel, Noli Studios also has a restaurant. Here in Katajanokka we have Locanda Scappi, which is a delicious Italian restaurant for dinner. In Sörnäinen they have the best pizza in town from Via Tribunali!

noli studios common areas
noli studios spa
noli studios locanda scappi restaurant

Noli Studios also offers a regular hotel stay

Some of Noli Studios rooms are for overnight guests. It is still kind of funny to see your own place when searching for hotels on, but what I’ve noticed is that the prices are extremely fare for the quality and location! It’s also perfect for when friends and family visit but want their own space, so they can easily just book the room next door to me!

Check prices and rooms for hotel stays at Noli Studios.

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The icing on the cake: I have a cleaner at home

As especially my own mother knows, I’m no expert on cleaning. I love a clean space, but truth to be told I was never a fan of the vacuum cleaner. Noli Studios offers a cleaning for each apartment every 2 weeks of your stay and for an additional price that can also be weekly.

Each floor also has a common vacuum cleaner, ironing and steaming etc for everyone to use.

noli studios home

Noli Studios ja Compensate make your stay environmentally friendly

With Compensate, Noli Studios offers the option to offset your carbon footprint by paying a very minimal fee on top of your monthly rent. Noli Studios compensates their carbon footprint from common spaces directly and uses renewable energy.

All in all, it’s been a good place to call home!

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