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Mount Titlis, Engelberg – a perfect day trip on the mountains

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Mount Titlis is located in Engelberg in the middle of Switzerland 3km above sea level. The mountain is known to have snow on its top all over the year. I have been admiring it from a far in the middle of summer on my previous trip in Engelberg. This time in December, I finally got a change to spend a day all the way up on top of Mount Titlis!

Engelberg is known as the largest skiing resort in Central Switzerland and is very popular with snowboarding and skiing during the winter season. I find Engelberg a cozy little valley town surrounded by majestic mountains in all directions. The city is only a two-hour train ride from Zurich Airport and just an hour away from Lucerne. There are also a lot of Swedish people living in Engelberg!

Even if Engelberg is known as a great winter destination aside of Mount Titlis, it also offers great hiking during summer. Read about my hiking adventure here.

Mount Titlis Kulm Engelberg
Mount Titlis Alpine birds

Where to stay when visiting Mount Titlis – Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge is a trendy boutique hotel in the heart of Engelberg right next to the lifts to Mount Titlis. Ski Lodge is no luxury hotel, but it’s a fun and fashionable Swedish hotel for the young and young at heart. The bar at Ski Lodge is very popular for starting the night life in winter. And oh boy, Engelberg has a fun night life even if it’s a small town. I absolutely loved my stay at Ski Lodge!

Even if you are not staying here, I recommend dining at their fabulous restaurant!

Book your stay at Ski Lodge here.

ski lodge engelberg
ski lodge engelberg hotel

How to get to Mount Titlis?

It takes a little over half an hour to get all the way on to the top of Mount Titlis from Engelberg on a cable car. The first cable car is a traditional ski lift for a few people and it will take you three quarters of the way. Next we changed to hop onboard the world’s first cable car that turns 360 degrees on its way up. Mind you, this cable car probably fits 50 people.

For someone with a fear of height, the journey up might not be exactly pleasant. I loved the way up and took probably most of my photos through the windows of the cable cars! There are many stops on the way up to the top of Mount Titlis, so you can also hop off before reaching the top if you prefer.

You can get your ticket to the cable car from the station. We got a discount for the tickets with Swiss Travel Pass!

The cable cars work around the year but sometimes very extreme conditions might forbid from going all the way to the top of Mount Titlis. One of my Instagram followers told me she has tried to visit the top several times and it has always been closed! We went up on a windy snowy day, but the weather luckily cleared in an hour of being there!

going up on a cable car to Mount Titlis Kulm
Mount Titlis Kulm
mount titlis tickets
Mount Titlis Engelberg cable car views
Mount Titlis cable car

Mount Titlis is the perfect destination for skiing & snowboarding

Mount Titlis is the perfect destination for snowboarders and skiers.

Mount Titlis offers experiences for the experienced wild at heart adventurer and also for the newbie. For snowboarding, you will not need to travel all the way to the top unless you want to. There are great paths already 15 minute ride away.

I did not travel to Mount Titlis to snowboard or ski, so you can find more information here.

Mount Titlis snowboarding
Mount Titlis downhill skiing

Mount Titlis: must experiences

In case you are not planning to snowboard or ski, let me introduce you to the other fun experiences on top of the mountain that we tried! Mount Titlis offers experiences from ice caves to delicious restaurants. We were here in December and the top of the mountain was busy with Asian tourist admiring snow probably for the first time.

I recommend having at least 4 hours to experience Mount Titlis.


The Cliff walk – Europe’s highest suspension bridge

The Cliff walk is the highest suspension bridge in all of Europe at 3041 meters above sea level. Cliff walk is all the way on top of Titlis and crossing it is for free. This might also not be the ideal experience for someone with a fear of height. The experience also relies a lot on weather, we were basically walking in a tunnel of milk before the weather cleared out soon after.

Titlis Ice Flyer

Titlis Ice Flyer is a more traditional ski lift where you sit outside and enjoy the mountain views from high above. The Ice Flyer during winter is a very cold experience, so make sure to dress warm! In hard winds the Ice Flyer may be closed, but otherwise it does operate around the year. Titlis Ice Flyer is situated right next to The Cliff Walk.

Titlis Glacier Cave

I may not suffer from a fear of heights, but I most certainly have an absolute phobia of closed places, so an adventure inside a glacier cave on top of a mountain is something not on my bucket list. Glacier Cafe is 150 meters long and is lit with different colors. I still recommend walking through as it’s next to the other two experiences and is not too long!

the cliff walk

Mount Titlis Panorama Restaurant – lunch with a 360 views of the Swiss mountains

We started our day with lunch right as we arrived to the top of Mount Titlis. The weather was not great in the beginning, so we actually had no view at all. Later in the day as it cleared out the views were stunning. The lunch was luckily so delicious that we enjoyed it even without a view. Mount Titlis Panorama Restaurant serves great traditional Swiss cuisine, but they are also known for their delicious pizza. My friend Rania tried the pizza and I enjoyed a plate of Swiss Rösti!

Mount Titlis Panorama Restaurant
Swiss rösti

Snowshoeing on Mount Titlis

On our way down we made a little stop at Trübsee and rented snowshoes from Stöckli Ski Shop. My friend has done a lot of snowshoeing at home, but I’ve actively been avoiding going out at all in winter for a long time. Haha! I hopped on my snowshoes for the first time and must admit it didn’t become a favorite sport. But lucky the amazing mountain views and good company still made it fun!

snowshoeing mount titlis
snowshoes mount titlis

Even if I’m not exactly a fan of cold winter, this experience was amazing! We also hiked on top of Mt. Rigi near Lucerne! Read about my experience in Mt. Rigi here!

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