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This is how I edit my Instagram photos

I’ve written about this before, but I still get this question every single day through some social media channel. So, how do I edit my Instagram photos? Well darlings, I’ll tell you exactly!

afterlight light leak instagram edit vsco a 2 instagram vsco a 4 vsco a 2

I take most of my photos with my iPhone 6, which works good enough depending on the lighting. I always edit my photos with VSCO Cam and my favourite filters are A2 and A5. I also use VSCO for adjusting exposure, contrast, and saturation. Then last but not least, I may tweak a little bit of sharpening and more exposure with Instagram itself.

If I want to add some extra shades of light or have a different color for the sky, I use the Light Leaks on Afterlight. Sometimes I also use Snapseed, if I want to edit a certain part of the photo only.

If you’ve got any questions regarding Instagram, let me know in the comments below!

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