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Easy Acai Bowl

I promised to you guys to start blogging about my mad vegan meals, so let’s begin with this magical Acai Bowl – because, well, it’s magical! Acai is a berry from the Brazilian Amazon and some say it’s got 70 times the nutrients to a blueberry. Acai has actually been used for hundreds of years already due to its health benefits. It’s filled with antioxidants, B1 B2, B3, C & E vitamins, iron, calsium, omegas, fiber & protein! How good is that!

acai-kulhoacai bowl

Acai Bowl:


2 bananas

2-3 cups of strawberries

1 tbsp of acai powder

2 tbsp of vegetarian milk

Blend it all like crazy and add some ice if you wish to!

Make it pretty:

add some berries

add some granola

add some super foods

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