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Along the Adriatic Sea: Dubrovnik Photo Diary

*In Collaboration: Finnair Holidays

Oh Croatia, you beautiful thing. And how excited I am to share this photo diary from my trip with Finnair Holidays to Dubrovnik with you guys!

Even if I traveled a lot last year, there’s one landing that stuck to my mind as the prettiest one yet. As the A320 started approaching to Dubrovnik, I literally glued my nose to the window in the back row of the plane and stared in awe at the sight unfolding in front of me. The mountains, sea and the city took my breath away already up from the sky (you’ll see photos below). If waking up for a morning flight was difficult, this sight surely woke me up.

I spent four days in Dubrovnik enjoying relaxing sunshine days and spa treatments at Sun Dubrovnik, exploring the old city and adventuring around nearby vineyards with a private driver. Could not ask for a better solo holiday.

But this wasn’t just any holiday. Finnair recently launched its brand new holiday concept, Finnair Holidays, which I have been excited about for months already. You can read more about it here and get inspired by the many amazing destinations: 

But basically the idea is to make your holiday planning a little easier and travels a little more exciting. You can search for your next holiday based on themes, such as ‘body & mind’, ‘great escape’ or ‘taste the world’ and many more. Finnair has put together destinations with carefully chosen hotels and exciting activities to make travel planning a little easier. So you can still basically have your own adventure, but someone has planned a little something extra for you already from the start.

Sure you can plan by choosing destination first. I know I’m dreaming of that culinary holiday in Bali or an active holiday with friends in Chiang Mai… I always miss the tropics!

But hey, here’s some photos of my trip in Dubrovnik so you can enjoy a little sunshine today!

In case you want to see more photos from my trip or study a little Finnish, here’s a more in detailed story of my trip in Dubrovnik:


Breakfast at Sun Gardens


Old Town



That landing though


Sunbathing on one of the many pools at Sun Gardens





Exploring vineyards


The main building and spa of Sun Gardens

34718431102_cceeded63c_k.jpg P5242434.jpg

Delicious breakfast on the terrace at Sun Gardens




The walls of the old town offer great views to the city and the Adriatic sea 


I have a thing for taking photos of pigeons, I cannot help it


One of the many pools at Sun Gardens


Old Town



There was also the option to move between the hotel and Old Town with a boat

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