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Best cocktail bars in Helsinki

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1. Grotesk

Grotesk is the bar where I right away learned that Helsinki has some fantastic cocktails. I also learned that a cocktail can be so much more than a drink – it can be an unforgettable experience and purely a work of art. Grotesk focuses on quality and the mentioned experiences. Each cocktail comes with a story and is created by knowledge and passion. I mean, I had a cocktail made with basil, olive oil and raw egg -and it was delicious!


2. Liberty or Death

Liberty or Death is a Prohibition-themed cocktail bar right next to Grotesk. Liberty of Death specialises in bourbons. As you step in, it really feels like jumping back in time to a different reality. The bar is really dark but has a beautifully dismal atmosphere, flavoured with smooth jazz and a bearded bartender.

liberty or death

3. 100 Dogs

By the time we got to 100 Dogs, I was (drunk) sure that Helsinki is the world’s greatest place for cocktail hour. 100 Dogs is a Japanese themed cocktail bar with delicious gourmet hot dogs (and yes, there is a vegetarian version). The cocktails at 100 Dogs are funky and served in bizarre delicious ways.

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4. A21

A21 is sylish lounge-like cocktail place in the heart of Helsinki, funnily enough on Annankatu 21. A21 is like a stylish living room, as you need to ring a doorbell to walk in. A21 focuses on fresh and high-quality ingredients in all cocktails. So for the tourists out there, this is a proper local experience. A21 is also always somewhat peaceful, as they never take in more people than there are seats available. So on weekends, it’s best to make a reservation!


5. Trillby & Chadwick

Trillby & Chadwik is a speakeasy, so I cannot really tell you where it is – but it’s worth finding! This Serlock Holmes -like speakeasy is located somewhere near the Helsinki Cathedral and the market square by the sea.

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