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Visiting a cat café in Seoul


I saw my blogger colleague Just One Way Ticket posting about her fabulous day at Toms Cat Café, so we wanted to visit there too! As we got there, it happened to be closed down, but we were lucky enough to find a place called Catsliving Cat Cafe nearby. They only let a certain amount of people in at once, so you might want to check the times here.


As you get in the cafe, you have to wear funny slippers and pay yourself in with the price of 1 drink – being 10 euros. So with a Coca Cola in my hands I went to see all the cute little kittens. Some of the cats were sleeping and they had enough space to keep distance when they wanted to relax. Some cats were really friendly and tried to make friends.

The cat cafe is located in Hongdae, which is a popular student area in Seoul. Hongdae is a great place for shopping and cafe too!

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