About Veera Bianca


Oh hey there. Hope you are having a fabulous day! Glad to have you stumble upon this little place on the internet, I’m doing my best to make sure you enjoy your stay.

Perhaps it would be polite of me to introduce myself by now. Hey, I am Veera Bianca! Nice to virtually meet you. I’m a 28-year-old Finnish female wanderer. I am addicted to big Asian cities, healthy food, fancy hotels, and hipster cafés. Oh and aviation. I’m one of those average #avgeeks snapping sunset and sunrise wing view photos for my Instagram throughout a long haul flight.

I have just moved back to Helsinki, Finland from months of living on the road & in Chiang Mai, Thailand trying out the very hip digital nomad life. I love being back home, but only as I still get to travel most of the time thanks to this very precious little blog!

I would now tell you about my hobbies, but truthfully speaking, I live and breath travel – for fun, games, and serious business.

Through my own company, I also help brands rock their social media presence. Read more about working with me here.

The story of Veera Bianca

This blog has been alive since 2008 and during these few years, I’ve become a professional travel blogger. Somewhere in between I also studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Management in Haaga-Helia UAS & The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

I started this blog back in 2008 and it used to be called ‘Running With Wild Horses‘ as I was working on a horse farm in Australia where I went through a life-changing horse-riding accident leaving a part of my spine broken. Ever since my life has been a story of recovery and of trying to live to the fullest despite constant pain.

Now the blog is often listed among the best Finnish travel blogs and recently listed as the Best Finnish Travel Blog by Cision (2017) and has gotten several mentions in the press. Veera Bianca is a part of Suomen Blogimedia & Nordic Travel Bloggers Collective.



Readers of Veera Bianca are 80% Finnish & the next major markets are Sweden, Australia & Germany. 90% of readers are female aged 27-37 with an interest in affordable luxury, wellness & trendy city destinations.

Veera Bianca is also an Instagrammer, with 24,4K followers on Instagram. Followers are from Finland, Sweden & Australia.

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