The new Finnair A350

I did a one hour trip to London last week. What an adventure, I even managed to purchase coffee at the airport! Well, the point of the trip was actually to test fly Finnair’s new A350 – first of its kind in Europe! For now the aircraft is in use on flights to Shanghai, but soon on other Asian routes too.  We flew in business class, but I also tested economy to be able to share with you the full experience.


First impression & Business Class

I was more than impressed with the Business Class as soon as I saw it. I got myself a window seat, which was almost like a little cabin just for myself. I really like these cabins as they point a bit sideways, which makes it feel like you have way more privacy. The middle seats are perfect for travelling with someone, but also allows privacy when needed. And what’s more, the seats at this A350 are completely lie-flat, which is the only way I can ever sleep on flights.

The new A350 is also way more environmentally friendly than most aircraft. And the ventilation is way less ponderous than you might be used to when flying. I also usually always wear earplugs when flying, but this aircraft was so silent that I felt no need to do so.


Finnair A350 Economy

I was even impressed by the economy class on Finnair’s A350. I didn’t travel there, but as it was a pretty empty flight, I did a little 15-minute test drive, so to speak. I think the Economy class had a little bit more leg space, but definitely no more butt space. But what I liked most was the bigger windows and the TV screens, which would definitely make an 11-hour flight more pleasant.


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  • Sartenada
    October 30, 2016 at 9:12 am

    Very good. One question. Which to You is more important when selecting an airline: service or safety? I did not see in Your text any words about airline safety.


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