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Don’t Cry Because Its Over, Smile Because It Happened

I have never seen a rain like tonight, it’s like the city is crying as I am leaving. While the plane finally took off from Hong Kong Airport after 2 hour delay, I must have looked like a little kid staring at the lighting and storm over my favorite city in the world. Something about that wild nature from a window of a plane makes you feel rather tiny. What feels even more bizzare though right now, is to sit in a Finnair plane on my way back to Helsinki, after 8 more hours I am landing back to my airport, my family and my old friends

What comes to myself, I have never cried like tonight either. Thank you for some awesome German man at the airport who literally saved me. Reality hit me last night after saying goodbye to someone who became very special to me during these last 5 months in Asia. Seeing my dearest roommate Olivia and my friends crying, all of that kind of made me fall apart. I got so used to spending my every waking hour with these people and I am so glad to get you Joona, Kaki & Riia all the way to Helsinki so soon. You will never get rid of me now.

I decided to write this blog post from the airport while waiting for my flight to depart, but turned out saying goodbye to even more people took longer than expected. This post is dedicated to all those people that I cried a tear for tonight. I cannot imagine my life without any of you anymore and I still wonder how life really could have been before all of you were a part of it.
All of you are like a family to me and my heart is truly aching right now!

I will forever think back at the amazing places I got to travel to this semester. The kind people of Taiwan, amazing beaches of Borneo, hectic Mainland China and my new home, Hong Kong. All of those trips have made my life a little richer in their own little special ways. I am counting down days and euros to make sure I can return to Southeast Asia soon.

I am also very thankful that I got to study in PolyU, the School of Hotel and Tourism felt more like a home to me. I made tuns of incredible contacts, learned so much about tourism, aviation and most importantly -wine! I truly enjoyed studying here, even though I have heard people saying that -you just don’t study while on exchange. Myself, I have never studied as hard as in Asia. I loved having the amazing opportunity to meet so many interesting professionals this semester and getting even more inspired about what I do. A very special thank you to my Airport Management teacher, there is nothing like a teacher with an honest passion and knowledge on what they do.

I will be missing those nights in Tsim Sha Tsui East in great company and a glass of wine. I will miss singing with my Filipino band at the harbour. This adventure has propably been the best I’ve ever had and I don’t think a day will ever go by without it on my mind. So thank you everyone who made it this speial. I cannot wait to see you all somewhere in the world again. Now its time to sleep as this stormy turbulence is literally rocking me to sleep. I know I will eventually return to this city, some day, for some reason…

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    toukokuu 26, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Voiih! Minä suunnilleen itkin tätä lukiessani, vaikken ollutkaan mukana tuolla kokemassa asioita, jotka sinä koit. Noihin fiiliksiin vain on jotenkin niin helppo samaistua! Mutta mukavaa, että olet nyt täällä. 🙂 Onneksi maailma on aina auki niille, jotka sitä haluavat.

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      Veera Bianca
      toukokuu 27, 2013 at 10:39 pm

      Voi ihana Katri <3 Täällä ollaan, ehkä törmäillään joku päivä? 🙂

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